My Model S purchase decision

One thought on “My Model S purchase decision”

  1. Numbers on my Volt: Can skip to the last line. Yes my insurance is cheaper than yours and I got a better deal than anyone on a new Volt, but the new VW electric will also cost $23k in 2019.

    Annual Costs over 10 Years
    (22 642 Volt less 7500 rebate 15 142 45% US parts, US made); (Jetta owned (tricky) 15k/ 2000-2017 +250/year) 555/yr but now worth 2500 so
    -1 5 14/year car cost J -225/year cost since depreciation and ~300 sale price to salvage in 2027
    -100 Repairs J – 750

    3,6 Kwh/year at 18k miles/annual
    Siemens 750 10Y life; Solar 30Y life allocation 3 300 30% of 10k paid for system (15/10 after 30% rebate) US panels, German inverter $1/watt
    -750 Overhead J 0
    -330 Overhead J 0

    +5 000 depreciation (end game value) J -500 to get rid of it
    -100 Tires/ Repairs J -750 possible clutch, body work motor mayyy have made it
    -80 Inspection J -50
    -380 full coverage Insurance J -360
    -250 40MPG Fuel J -1 500 25 MPG
    -50 Financing both at 3%/ opportunity cost J -10

    so after 10 years
    (about -500 vs -2 500) so 20,000 more on Jetta if you can match my steal on a Volt, or the new VW will actually be all electric and run the same $23k, in 2019 when it comes out.


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